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BionBo Obrador es un espacio de creación e investigación 

para proyectos transversales que unen diferentes disciplinas. Algunos de estos proyectos se mueven entre diversas temáticas, Alimentación y salud, cultura y educación o cine y gastronomía. Con la vanguardia como premisa, la búsqueda, la experimentación  y el atrevimiento son motores que mueven este espacio abierto y comprometido.


Come and enjoy a fantastic gastronomic experience! A cooking workshop where we’ll start from the beggining, explorig the market, buying local products, learning BionBo style techniques and ending with a magnific lunch alongside the chef. This gastronomic expirience offers a walk through the “ El Lleó” market with the chef Xavier Aguado where he will explain the products he uses in his cuisine, tips to pick and choose the best from the market, and a brief introduction and explanation about different local products and other a bit more curious The second part of this workshop includes a hands on cooking workshop where the participants will learn how to cook a prototype menu with BionBo essence, and Xavi will explain some tips to level up any dish! The last part will be a more relaxed moment among all the participants where they will enjoy of a fantastic lunch with all the dishes previously cooked, and they will be able to interact with the chef with questions and curiosities they may have

Information and bookings:

 722.385.960 (WhatsApp)


Pròxim taller:
- 07 de Juny 19:00 /21:00 aprox

En aquest taller podreu adquirir les tècniques bàsiques per crear els vostre